Green Passport – PGP Trust System


PGP Trust System

COVID 19 Vaccine and Test Passport.

What is PGP Trust System.

MedsendX Pgp Trust System is the EU Standard compliance platform for interoperability and exchange of Covid19 Vaccine, Tests and Recovery Passports basically, the way the system works is that countries decide to trust each other, and in turn those countries maintain a list of laboratories or facilities they trust to provide testing or vaccination.
When a test or vaccine is administered the entity administering it signs the result with their private key.
When looking at the result you can automatically see if the test or vaccine is legitimate and has been administered by an entity that you have a chain of trust for.

Operating Procedure


The person who would like a vaccine or test result certified goes to a facility that is trusted by their government and receives their test or vaccine.
They are given a result card with a bar code and a QR code that they carry with them.

QR Code Scanned

Upon arriving at their destination, the QR code and bar code are scanned to confirm that the results are both valid and have been performed by somebody that is in the tester’s chain of trust.

Results Confirmed

The lookup software instantly provides confirmation of the results in a secure manner.
Without the pin code and the QR code the stored information means nothing so nobody can see any results, guaranteeing the security of the data.

How It works

Step 1

Countries Create keys

Each country that wishes to participate generates a private
and public key.

Step 2

Public Keys Uploaded

The public keys are uploaded to the key store so that
people can confirm the validity of results

Step 3

Countries Trust Each Other

Each country can decide who they want to trust (and can
revoke that trust at any time).

Step 4

Countries Trust Labs

In turn each country maintains a list of laboratories or facilities they trust and signs their keys. This lets people who trust the country trust the lab.

Step 5

Labs Trust Staff

Labs or facilities issue keys to their staff and sign them using their private keys (allowing entities to trust their work). Again, these keys can be revoked at any time.

Step 6

Staff Do Testing

The staff test or vaccinate people and sign the results using their private key.


The presented technology can only be supplied to Government Enties after a thorough background and reliability check. The technologies are provided under a commercial license agreement with SecurPath SL and Covischedule LLC owners of all rights and patents.

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